What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine refers to healthcare provided over an electronic device rather than at a medical facility.


Is it as safe and effective as a traditional in-person visit? While nothing can replace an in-person exam, common complaints such as upper respiratory infections, stomach virus, and even minor rashes and sprains can be very effectively diagnosed and treated via secure video encounters. The American Telemedicine Association was founded in 1993 and is a great resource for further reading. AmericanTelemed.org 

How much does it cost? We charge a flat rate of $40 per visit. No insurance required. 

Can I receive prescriptions or school/work excuses? Yes! Prescriptions will be called or sent electronically directly to your pharmacy just as they would at your Doctor's office. School and work excuses, along with a visit summary are available at the time of your visit and can be sent in an encrypted email. 

How do I know my health information is secure? All visits are performed on an encrypted and HIPAA secure video messaging system. All data is stored and transmitted via HIPAA compliant encryption and according to national regulations. (Just the same as at any traditional Doctor's office)

Do I need to download an app or have a special kind of device for this? There is no software or apps to download. You simply need a smart phone with internet access and some privacy!

What would a typical visit look like? 

1. Click on "Schedule an Appointment" and follow the prompts to pick a date and time for your appointment and make your payment.

2. At your appointment time go to https://doxy.me/bluegrasstelemedicine to enter the waiting room.


3. After the visit, any needed prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy for pick up and a visit summary and work/school excuse can be provided in encrypted email.